News from Ukraine

REACH in Ukraine: EU technical dossier and chemical safety report can be used in Ukraine for registration.

The draft Technical Regulation on REACH mirrors the EU REACH: chemicals registration is required, exceptions, limitations and deadlines are applied to substances; assessment procedures are defined. Ukraine will apply simplified registration procedure for substances which are already registered in the...
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Ukraine: draft law on WEEE and Batteries

The Ukrainian parliament registered on October 30, 2019, Law on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Law on Batteries and Accumulators. Both drafts follow the respective EU directives and introduce EPR for the waste streams. The  producers and importers...
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Packaging waste recycling project is launched near Kiev

Ukrainian Packaging Association launched a pilot post-consumer packaging waste collection project in the city of Vyshhorod, 20 km from the capital Kiev. Nearly 100 waste containers are placed in the city to be used by its inhabitants. The separately collected...
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