Consulting services

Legal compliance consulting

The draft Technical Regulation on REACH mirrors the EU REACH: chemicals registration is required, exceptions, limitations and deadlines are applied to substances; assessment procedures are defined.


Data collection and analyses

Collection and analyses of various data (data on products, waste, finances, brands, companies, legislation framework, key stakeholder mapping, etc.), which are required to solve specific business and sustainability related challenges.


Design of EPR systems

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a policy approach under which producers are given a significant responsibility – financial and/or physical – for the treatment or disposal of post-consumer products. Assigning such responsibility provide incentives to prevent wastes at the source, promote product design for the environment and support the achievement of public recycling and materials management goals.

We support in defining the legal frame to implement the EPR policy, provide support for the key stakeholder’s engagement, help to design the Producers Responsibility Organizations, and prepare the business and roll-out plans to launch the EPR system.


Design of beverages deposit return systems

The mandatory beverage deposit system is an effective tool to increase beverage package recycling (up to 90-95%) and to reduce beverage packaging littering. The deposit system requires a well-defined legal frame, co-operation between the key stakeholders (packers, fillers, traders, recyclers, authorities), financing and supervision from the authorities.

CEEREC is a leading expert in the world to develop beverage packaging deposit systems. We support in defining the scope of the system, legal frame development, business planning, and implementation. CEEREC CEO Mr. Raimond Made has been in the leading role in the development and management of the Estonian deposit system (Eesti Pandipakend Ltd.), which is considered a best practice among the industry and have a vast experience in this highly specialized field.


Business case development

A big part of management is decision making; a business case captures the reasoning why the project is needed, how it contributes to the meeting of the sustainability objectives and what the benefits of the project will be for the organization. We develop business cases that are sufficiently detailed to make the informed decisions and would enable to move from the concept to actions and project implementation.