Challenge: In 2001, EPR was introduced to the Ukrainian waste policy and legislation in the format of a state-owned company responsible for organizing the packaging waste collection and recycling. However, the legal frame was neither effective nor efficient. An industry association representing major producers and importers in Ukraine (UkrPEK) identified the legal frame as a high-risk area for the business and was looking ways to introduce an industry owned packaging waste recovery organization, following the experience in the EU. A mind-shift change among the key stakeholders, ministry officials and politicians were required to change the legal frame.

Solution: CEEREC prepared a change strategy, which was based on a packaging waste collection pilot project in a city near Kyiv. Within the project financed by the producers and importers, the inhabitants were provided with the selective waste containers for packaging waste recycling; awareness campaigns were organized and, recycling volumes and quality measured.  CEEREC developed the pilot project strategy, key stakeholders’ communication plan, KPIs, business and financing plan. Eventually, the pilot project is also be a learning project for the future nationwide system development and roll-out.

Outcome: The strategy and plan were approved; and is currently implemented near Kiev.

The project started in 2015 and in ongoing. Project page: