The draft Technical Regulation on REACH mirrors the EU REACH: chemicals registration is required, exceptions, limitations and deadlines are applied to substances; assessment procedures are defined. Ukraine will apply simplified registration procedure for substances which are already registered in the The European Chemicals Agency substances database; the EU REACH technical dossier and, where relevant, chemical safety report can be used in Ukraine for registration.

“Authorized representative” maybe used for the registration.

The draft TR on REACH says it will only become effective after approval of the “Law on Chemical Safety”. The draft “Law on Chemical Safety” is currently in public consultation and not registered in the parliament for the readings.
The draft TR defines the key requirements and processes, but for implementation new state institutions and implementation processes must be established, for example “authorized central executive body that implements the state policy in the field of chemical safety” must be created. This authority would manage the Ukrainian substances database and registration procedures. Additional other regulations for implementation may be issued. There will be a transition period from the date of approval of the TR until the actual implementation.