EPR focus in Russia should be on the separate waste collection and recycling

CEEREC Senior Consultant Mr. Raimond Made participated in two events in Moscow, which were dedicated to the Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) and source separation of the packaging waste.

In the end of November 2019, The Coca-Cola Company celebrated 3-years anniversary of its environmental program called “Separate with us”. It is one of the largest environmental awareness programs in Russia dedicated to the waste source separation and circular economy. Mr. Made presented the experience of the European Union regarding the EPR implementation and separate waste collection in the municipalities. The other speakers were Mr. Andy Buckingham, General Manager of The Coca-Cola Company in Russia, representative from the Russian Ministry of Ecology, environmental and youth NGOs, waste management companies and Ambassadors of the program (singer, songwriter, actress and model Ms. Polina Gagarina and celebrity TV host Mr. Artem Korolov)

In December, Mr. Made conducted a workshop for the RusPEC Packaging Association in Russia. The workshop topic was “EPR/Recovery Organization system implementation in the EU countries and the opportunities for Russia”. The objective was to create awareness and prepare the participants (experts from the FMCG companies) for the strategy development and qualified decision making in the context of the Russian EPR system design.