Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) was introduced in Kazakhstan in year 2015 by amending the Kazakhstan’s Environmental Code. Rules for the EPR implementation by manufacturers/importers came in force from year 2016.

Self-compliance solution is possible in the presence of own system for collecting, processing and recycling the waste. Alternative is to pay state regulated recycling/product fees to the state licensed company.

Currently, under the EPR regulation are vehicles, vehicles’ oils/liquids, tires, batteries and from year 2020 also packaging. Minister of Ecology issued on December 26, 2019 Order no 122 (effective from Jan 17, 2020), which introduced compliance fees calculation formula for packaging (payable by producers and importers of goods and packaging).

In case of import of goods (packaging) into Kazakhstan, the importer, not the producer is liable for the payment of the fee.

The fees for the packaging as per Order no 122 are following:

Packaging type

Fee in Tenge/T

Fee in EUR/T

  • Plastic



  • Paper and cardboard



  • Metal



  • Combined material



  • Glass



Note: the fees are linked to the inflation adjusted „Monthly Calculation Index “, which is approved once per year by the state budget law. Thus, fees change every year. Official fees are established in Tenge only; fees in EUR change as per exchange rate.

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