Lithuanian beverage packaging deposit operator “USAD” has introduced new industry fees for producers and importers of beverages under the deposit legislation. For each packaging sold to the market, following fees are applicable from Jan 1, 2017.

  • Beverages in PET packaging – 3 eurocents
  • Beverages in one-way glass bottle – 2,5 eurocents
  • Beverages in aluminum cans – 1,5 eurocents
  • Beverages in steel cans – 3 eurocents

Participation in a deposit system is mandatory to all producers and importers of beer, beer cocktails, cider, pear  cider, fruit wine, fruit wine cocktails, fruit wine beverages, other fermented beverages, alcoholic cocktails and alcohol-free drinks (soft drinks, table water, kvass), natural mineral water, spring water, bottled drinking water, juice, nectar.