Population: 3,5 Mio

Capital: Sarajevo

Waste represents one of the main environmental issues in BiH with issues arising mainly due to the inadequate management, lack of infrastructure and social attitude towards waste. The current problem of insufficient waste disposal system capacities has led to considerable quantities of waste being dumped illegally at roadsides, in rivers, abandoned mines, and similar places, posing threats to public health and the environment. No waste incineration facilities are currently operated in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Recyclables are separated from the mixed municipal waste amount to less than 5 % of the total municipal waste mass (estimate), while at least 95 % of the collected mixed municipal waste is disposed of mostly on non-sanitary disposal sites.

–      Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Users of packaging must ensure collection and recycling of their product wastes or pay respective fees to the compliance scheme.
–      Republika Srpska: n/a