Russia plans to collect EPR fees through the tax offices

Russian Ministry of Finance is working on the amendments of the Tax Code of Russian Federation, which would introduce from Jan 1, 2020 Recycling Fee obligation (утилизационный сбор) for the producers and importers of certain goods and packaging. Currently Ecofee is payable to the environmental authority, but the Recycling Fee would be collected by the local tax authority and regulated by the tax code.

Recycling fee rates will be established per each group of goods and/or packaging subject to end-of-life recycling. The draft proposes that the Recycling Fees would be equal to the current Ecofees.

Companies implementing self-compliance solution or who have joined the EPR organization do not need to pay the fee.

Reporting forms, submission and payment deadlines would remain as now; however the submission process may change, since the payment receiving authority is the tax office, not environmental authority.

Authorities are not satisfied with current level of Ecofee collection and believe that the tax authority is more effective to enforce the law and collect more fees.