Russia: eco fee as the only way to achieve the compliance with the EPR legislation

Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment published on February 25, 2020 a concept […]

Latvia will introduce mandatory deposit for beverage packaging from 2022

Latvian Packaging Law was amended in October 24, 2019 and the mandatory deposit on the […]

EPR focus in Russia should be on the separate waste collection and recycling

CEEREC Senior Consultant Mr. Raimond Made participated in two events in Moscow, which were dedicated […]

Energy Efficiency TR approved by EEU

The Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission approved "Technical Regulation on Energy Efficiency". The approved TR, which largely follows the EU energy efficiency requirements, would be published in October-November 2019. The energy requirements are introduced for 19 groups of products and local product testing would be required for certification.

Ukraine: draft law on WEEE and Batteries

The Ukrainian parliament registered on October 30, 2019, Law on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment […]

Russia plans to collect EPR fees through the tax offices

Russian Ministry of Finance is working on the amendments of the Tax Code of Russian Federation, which would introduce from Jan 1, 2020 Recycling Fee obligation (утилизационный сбор) for the producers and importers of certain goods and packaging. Currently Ecofee is payable to the environmental authority, but the Recycling Fee would be collected by the local tax…

EU published Plastic Directive

The DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/904 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 5 June 2019 on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment introduce several important requirements for plastic users. For example, beverage bottles collection must reach 90% by 2029 and the member states are encourage to introduce beverage…

Russian government approved recycling targets for 2018-2020

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 2971-r of December 28, 2017 "On the approval of waste utilization goals for the used goods for 2018-2020". It includes recycling targets for 46 Groups of goods (textile, electronics, building materials, oil products, etc.) and 8 Groups of packaging (all main materials). These targets must be…

Approved Belorus waste strategy includes beverage packaging deposit legislation

Belarus has approved "National Strategy for the Management of Municipal Solid Waste and Secondary Material Resources in the Republic of Belarus for the Period up to 2035". Among others, high focus is given for the plastic waste and one of the solution suggested is introduction of the beverage packaging deposit law.

Russian EPR law amended

Russian president has signed on Jan 1, 2018 amendments to the "Law On Waste from Production and Consumption" («Об отходах производства и потребления», № 458-FZ). Among others, the law now defines what is selective waste sorting and clarifies that EPR is applied to the products and packaging. The previous law was unclear, if packaging as…