Latvia: Two competing companies have applied for the approval to operate DRS in Latvia.

September 30, 2020 was a deadline to submit application to sign a 7-year contract with the State Environmental Service to operate Deposit Return System in Latvia. Two applications were received: one from the company “Deposit Packaging Operator” (DPO), in Latvian SIA “Depozītapakojuma operators” and company called “Zero Deposit” (ZD), in Latvian SIA “Nulles depozīts”. The DPO represent the interests of the major bottlers and beverage importers and ZD represent the financial investors. The Ministry of the Environment would need to decide by the end of December 2020 which company will operate the system.

The Parliament of the Republic of Latvia, the Saeima approved in 2019 amendments to the Packaging Law, with the aim to introduce mandatory deposits for  certain beverage packaging.