Legal monitoring and compliance support in EEU, Ukraine and Turkmenistan

CEEREC consults a large US based IT company on the legal compliance issues in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine with the focus on products "end-of-life" legislation, eco-design, chemicals and energy efficiency. It has saved costs, legal compliance related risks are minimized, and the client is well informed on the political and legal developments.

Deposit and packaging waste curbside collection study for UK country

CEEREC prepared for a multinational company a business case study on the packaging waste recycling in one of the UK countries. It focused on the two schemes: beverage packaging deposit system and all packaging waste curbside collection. The study parameters included effectiveness, costs, impact to the supply-chain, market and competition, consumer engagement, litter reduction and…

Development of Extended Producers Responsibility concept for packaging waste in Russia

On January 1, 2015, the Russian Federation introduced EPR and packaging waste recycling obligation for […]

Training on EPR and packaging waste separate collection and recycling for industry association in Russia

Russia is currently experiencing reforms and legal revisions in the area of municipal waste management, including the packaging waste recycling and application of the extended producers’ responsibility (EPR) concept. CEEREC delivered one-day workshop for the key fillers and packers in Moscow in December 2019. The objective was to create awareness about EPR implementation in EU…

Estonian beverage packaging deposit system case study for a multinational company

CEEREC prepared a case study on the Estonian beverage packaging deposit system. The study analyzed the political situation, the legal frame development, the key stakeholders, the financial plans and the establishment of the deposit system operator "Eesti Pandipakend" Ltd. The learnings from the study are useful in the markets, where the deposit system is going…

Packaging waste recycling in Ukraine

EPR was introduced to the Ukrainian waste legislation in the format of a state-owned company responsible for organizing the packaging waste collection and recycling. The system was never implemented. CEEREC prepared a change strategy, which was based on the industry owned solution, EPR principles and following the experience in the EU.

Legal intelligence for an industry association in Brussels

An association in Brussels has no human resources in the Baltics, Ukraine, and Belarus to be timely informed of the political and legal developments, sustainability issues and potential business opportunities. CEEREC was hired to report regularly on the political and legal changes in the areas of the interest and to collect the local data to…

Business Plan to increase sales packaging recycling in Poland

Multinational FMCG has global sustainability KPIs, including a packaging waste recycling target coupled with the objectives to use the recycled material for the production of new packaging. CEEREC did the Polish market research, evaluated the alternatives to reach the targets and worked out a strategy and a business plan for five years.